1. Environmental Products and Services for international markets:

- 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 (e) for CERs Emission Reduction Certificates

- 0.8 million tonnes of CO2 (e) for Verifiable Emission Reduction VERs

- AMAs Environmental Actions for other environmental services such as water resources management, biodiversity conservation and scenic beauty.

- Local ecotourism, strategic alliances with institutions and communities in the region, aimed at enhancing tourism in the Region.

2. Services for local, national and international markets:

- Accompaniment and advice in the marketing of timber products.

- Commercialization of non-timber products: fruits and flowers from the forest.

- Identification and projection of actions for the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases.

3. Technical advice and training:

- Technical advice and community training on the following topics:

- Environmental goods and services, particularly aspects of carbon sinks.

- Basic aspects for the formulation of projects eligible by the CDM Clean Development Mechanism.

- Administration and management of ecotourism centers.

- Alternatives for sustainable management of forests: forest ecology, forestry extension.

4. Reforestation Activities:

- Reforestation plans for the purpose of environmental compensation.

- Forest resource management (landscaping).

- Design and implementation of sustainable forest systems: commercial plantations, agroforestry and silvopastoral systems, ecological restoration of degraded areas and models of assisted natural regeneration.

- Maintenance of plantations.

- Advice on the supply of plant material.

- Ecological restoration for the conservation of water resources.

5. Environmental Studies:

- Elaboration of Forest Management Plans.

- Elaboration of Plans for Management and Management of Hydrographic Basins.

- Participation in education programs and evaluation of environmental performance.

- Development of guidelines aimed at mitigation and adaptation policies to climate change.