Clean Development

CDM - Clean Development Mechanism

The Project seeks to establish forestry and agroforestry systems on abandoned pastures and secure their sustainable management with the active community participation. The total area of the project is 1.101 hectares.

The project will be carried in the sub-region of the valley of San Nicolas, which is made up of 9 municipalities in the eastern part of the Department of Antioquia, Colombia. The sub-region is situated in the hydrological basin of the rivers Negro and Nare, which serve as the main sources of hydropower production contributing up to 33% of total power production in the country. This project seeks to
implement a plan for sustainable management of forest resources involving the communities of the San Nicolas region of Antioquia.

The project boundary comprises of eligible discrete areas that are managed by the multiple landholders.In the absence of the project, these discrete areas will continue as unmanaged pastures. The project proposes 4 different types of forestry plantations on 943 hectares and 3 different types of agroforestry systems on 158 hectares.

The Project has a number of sustainable development objectives:
• Generation of financial resources and improvement of livelihoods of small-scale landholders;
• Sustainable management of watersheds;
• Conservation of biodiversity;
• Active participation and involvement of local communities, NGOs, government and the private sector of the area.

To achieve these objectives, the project participants have set an institutional arrangement that guarantees the direct participation of the local stakeholders including most farmer communities, the municipalities,the regional environmental authority, NGOs, two universities and private sector organizations.

The proposed activities will deliver a number of environmental services such as soil and water conservation, watershed protection, conservation of biodiversity in agricultural landscape.