BanCO2 scheme

The BanCO2 scheme works for the protection of the environment, through the economic compensation to related families, through payment for environmental services. To be part of this initiative, you can make a monetary compensation for the ecosystem guardians, who receive what you pay by means of your cell phone in a savings account at the hand of Bancolombia.

Colombia's terrestrial ecosystems are home to much of our biodiversity and generate both the water you drink and the oxygen you breathe.

There are strategic ecosystems such as native forests, moors, wetlands, biological corridors and oceans that are part of the areas where related families live.

We link these families to protect strategic ecosystems instead of exploiting them as a source of natural income. Both natural persons and companies can pay for the use of ecosystem services.

We monitor the state in which the ecosystems are found to verify that each compensation you make is reflected in the commitment of the family linked to taking care of them.

With BanCO2, you support the lives of several Colombian families to improve their quality of life and create options that strengthen their economy.

BanCO2 is the result of a combination of efforts between different environmental entities, strategic allies, compensating entities and others, which was born as an initiative of the MásBosques corporation endorsed by the United Nations Development Program (PNUD)

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